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Sliding Window CTWindow World of Connecticut offers beautiful sliding vinyl replacement windows in Hartford and surrounding counties. Our 4000 Series Sliding Window are ideal for rooms that face porches, decks, landscaping, and patio. A large viewing area provides panoramic views while remaining energy efficient.

The 4000 Series Sliding Window is also easy to glide open for fresh air and close for privacy. And backed by our Lifetime Warranty, you know our sliding replacement windows in Connecticut are built to last—no chipping, peeling, cracking or warping.

Quick Highlights

  • Welcomes natural lighting into any room
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Dual-roller system for easy sliding

Window World of Connecticut offers expert window installation in Vernon and surrounding counties. Available in two and three lite styles, the 4000 Series Sliding Window is easily customized to fit any space. Check out additional features and benefits below.

Take a closer look at the 4000 Series Sliding Window

Sliding Window CT

Color Options

Sliding Window Color Options CT

Solarzone Energy GlassGlass Options

SolarZoneTM insulated glass packages are offered as an upgrade to help you save heating and cooling costs while keeping your home more comfortable. In warm weather, SolarZone reduces solar heat gain, minimizing interior glare and lowers room-side glass temperature, saving energy and making your home more comfortable. In cool weather, SolarZone provides outstanding thermal performance with warmer room-side glass surfaces to help save energy and maintain comfort during a cold winter.

Solarzone Energy Glass
SolarZoneTM meets ENERGY STAR® requirements in North and North-Central Zones.
Solarzone Energy Glass
SolarZone EliteTM meets ENERGY STAR requirements in all Zones.

Grid Options

Flat, sculptured, and simulated divided lite grids are available in standard and custom patterns.
Grid Options CT
Grid Options CT

2-Lite Min. and Max. Sizes

2lite Sliding Window

3-Lite Min. and Max. Sizes

3lite Sliding Window

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