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Entry Doors in Manchester, CT

At Window World of CT, we know you want your entry door to look perfect for when guests arrive, which is why we offer beautiful and functional options for your Connecticut home.

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Our broad offering of door styles combined with a wide array of paint, stain, glass and hardware options insures that every homeowner will find an entry door to satisfy their own personal style. Their appeal:

  • Partner with Therma-Tru® doors, the most popular doors available today
  • Superior protection and durability from the elements
  • Moisture doesn’t stand a chance with the air-tight seal on the composite adjustable sill
  • Ball-bearing hinge pivot, or “knuckle,” provides more support, stability and smoother performance.
  • Dual-bulb bottom design on inswing systems works with weatherstrip and corner seal pad to help prevent moisture and air infiltration.
  • Foam-filled compression weatherstrip remains flexible and helps insulate against the outside elements.
  • Rot-resistant brickmould & jambs help prevent insect and moisture damage.
  • A variety selection of color choices and decorative option

View our range of Entry Door color options to meet your taste.

Entry Door Color Options

*Color options may vary based on package, dimensions and more.

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Entry Door Styles

Classic Craft Door Systems

Window World’s top-of-the-line product, the Classic-Craft family of front doors, are available with premium hard wood-graining brought to life by our patented technology, or with a smooth surface for a more contemporary look. Crafted with solid wood edges and embossment details, these entry doors boast more than 26”-wide center panels. Many options are available to you with the five unique collections that come with the Classic Craft door system.

front door entry door

Fiber Classic Door Systems

front door

This line features two beautiful collections: Oak and Mahogany. Whatever your style, this option is both functional and detailed. Deep, wood-grained detailing gives these doors a unique look that is sure to add character to your entryway.

Smooth-Star Door Systems

front door
Delivered in a sleek, paintable package, these options are the more attractive, durable alternative to steel. Made ready-to-paint, the Smooth-Star door system is more durable than steel, and resist dents, dings and rust.

Fiber Classic and Smooth-Star Caming Options

Clear Low-E & Solid Panel

Looking to minimize your energy costs? Factory-coated clear Low-E glass keeps your home cool and comfortable no matter the season. It can be fitted with a variety of divided lite options or cordless interval blinds to personalize the look of your entryway.

Fixed and Internal Grids

Thermally-sealed and easy to clean, grids between glass (GBGs) are made to be customized. Whatever option you’re trying to complement, these choices are sure to enhance your entryway.

Maple Park

Water glass, clear bevels, granite glass and brushed nickel or black nickel caming.


Clear baroque, water and granite glass, clear bevels, and black nickel, brushed nickel or brass caming.

Crystal Diamonds

Glue chip glass, clear bevels and brass caming.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy-Efficient Doors

Our energy-efficient doors are equipped with insulated foam cores and triple weatherstripping to help keep your energy bills low and comfort high.

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Your Questions, Answered

Entry Doors FAQs

Why choose Window World of Connecticut Entry Doors?

Window World has partnered with Therma-Tru® to offer you a wide selection of the most popular doors available today with some incredible added features. Year after year building professionals rank Therma-Tru brand as the one they use most and recognize Therma-Tru as the most innovative company in entry and patio door systems.

Can I customize my entry door?

Yes! We offer a variety of door styles, along with wide array of paint, stain, glass, and hardware options to ensure that you find the perfect entry door for your home.

Are Window World of Connecticut Entry Doors protected by a warranty?

Yes. Each of our entry doors are covered by Window World’s best-in-class lifetime warranty.

Is steel or fiberglass the better entry door?

Fiberglass doors are more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and scratch-resistant than steel doors. Also, fiberglass doors are more durable than steel doors. That’s why we only offer Fiberglass doors at Window World!

How to measure an entry door?

To measure the size entry door that you need, first, measure the width of the door frame. Next, measure the height of the door frame. Afterward, measure the thickness of the door to get the full dimensions.

How to paint an entry door?

To paint an entry door, you can remove it from the hinges or paint it standing up. The first step is to prime the doors. Then, you can paint the door. Consider the time of year when you are painting because you don’t want the temperature to be too hot or too cold.

When you purchase a door from Window World, you won’t need to paint the door! You can choose from a wide selection of door colors.

How to adjust the threshold on an entry door?

You can lower or raise the threshold to alter the amount of light that enters through the bottom of the door. To adjust the threshold on an entry door, turn the screws depending on the direction that you want to go. For raising the threshold, turn the screws counterclockwise. For lowering the threshold, turn the screws clockwise.

How to insulate an entry door?

To insulate your entry door, you want to add weather stripping around your door to limit excess airflow. Certain types of doors include natural insulation while others don’t. For example, wood doors expand or shrink as the temperature fluctuates, so weather stripping wooden doors are more difficult. However, Fiberglass doors can insulate your home more efficiently because they contain foam. Window World entry doors are installed with weatherstripping seals already in place.

How to adjust an entry door?

To adjust an entry door, follow this process:

1. Cut under the hinge
2. Disconnect the hinge and the jamb
3. Place a piece of cardboard under the hinge
4. Reconnect hinge and jamb

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying

Outstanding customer service! John was extremely knowledgeable and had no trouble providing detailed information about the different door configurations I was considering. He took the time to answer all my questions and helped me pick out the perfect new front door. The door was meticulously installed by Igor, who was an absolute professional throughout the process. He was very pleasant while also making sure the door was square, shut tightly, and had a flawless install.
Mike L.
High quality doors and excellent installation and follow-up service. I would highly recommend Window World!
Tim P.
Window World did a spectacular job on my window and door installation. Everything went smoothly. They were on time and never left a mess. I think they have the best product on the market and are valued at a great price. I would highly recommend them.
Mark A.

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