French DoorsAn Elegant Addition to Your Home

With their wide frame, French doors are popular in homes that have traditional architectural styles. However, their distinct look makes them an attractive style for rustic and ultra-modern settings too. At Window World of Connecticut, we offer beautifully-crafted French doors that will bring elegance and refinement into your home.  

Beautiful Expanded Views

French patio doors are prized for their visual grace and their ability to let natural light inside your home. They give you access to the outdoors and allow fresh air inside when opened. The large glass panes offer expansive views and lots of sunlight all day, which makes the room feel bigger and more open.

Customized Design Options

Your personal style matters so our French doors can be customized to fit your desired look. We offer decorative grids or V-grooved glass patterns to elevate their beauty and add a special touch to the interior. Also, choose from a variety of color options and decorative handles to complete your vision. 

French doors incorporate an outdoor deck or patio into your living space. If you have a beautiful patio, you certainly want immediate access to this area. Contact Window World of Connecticut today to make the most of your space.