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Summer Colors to Incorporate in Your Home

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Summer is just about everyone’s favorite time of the year, filled with cookouts and time spent outside with loved ones in that beautiful Connecticut sun! Want to bring summer into your home with seasonal decor or to have a touch of sunny optimism year-round? Your home decor can transition like the seasons, and if you appreciate a change in your surroundings every so often, this could be a great way to bring that in.  Summer is the perfect opportunity to embrace warmth and spruce up your home with bright colors. We’ve pulled some of our favorite summer colors you can use to decorate your Connecticut home. 

What Are Summer Colors?

Summer colors are open to interpretation. What you may associate with summer may totally differ from your friends and neighbors! Generally, though, summer colors are vibrant, with an emphasis on coastal or warm tones. Every color becomes a captivating oasis, infusing your home with a sense of tranquility and serenity. 

Incorporating Summer Colors in Your Home

Beige and Blue

Beige’s subtle warmth can complement virtually any design as a soothing backdrop. It is no secret that beige can match almost anything, but it looks especially coastal with a tranquil blue.

Blue is a peaceful color that evokes open skies and coastal Connecticut scenery. Beige can be a sandy color, especially when used in a textured fabric.

For example, with beige as your neutral foundation, add a pop of blue as an accent color in pillows or with blue sea glass in a jar. With that sandy beige and blue, you’ll be thinking of the sea year-round. 

Coral and Aqua

Coral, an energetic, warm and trending color, pairs excellently with aqua. Depending on the shade of aqua you choose, it can add another jolt of energy to your decor or present a soothing downtempo contrast to your coral decor.  The two of these colors paired together add a touch of the tropics to your home.  

You may enjoy adding these colors to your living spaces as accent pieces with a more neutral white for larger furniture. For example, changing the color of your vases, lamp bases or pillows can illuminate your home decor while still presenting a largely neutral palette. Those pops of color add without overwhelming the eye. 

Seafoam and White

The calming, tranquil effect of seafoam and white together invites a sense of relaxation to any space. The gentle contrast of seafoam paired with white will transform your home into your own personal sanctuary of peace. This color palette works well throughout your home, but you’ll likely see it in bedrooms and bathrooms. 

If you inspire creating this ambiance in your home, consider using seafoam as your soothing main color and white as a clean backdrop. You can easily reverse this and use seafoam in your curtains or for your throw pillows to balance out that stark white for a simple, spa-like oasis feel. 


Gray and Blue

The sophisticated combination of gray and blue brings an elegant, neutral charm to your living space. They bring endless opportunities for your style, but they work particularly well in gathering areas like your kitchen and living room. That’s not to say they don’t work well in other areas: gray and blue are perfect for a coastal-themed home office.

Whether you decide on a light gray with a soft blue accent color or leaning into coastal with a navy blue, you can add depth and dimension with various shades of gray and blue. In fact, we’d recommend it! Try out this combination for a cooler summer palette that is popular enough to be used throughout the seasons. 

cottage sliding window in bedroom


Yellow is the perfect representation of the sun, infusing your home with a sense of cheerfulness and lively energy. Think of it as adding a beam of sunshine to your home! It works well with moodier blues or neutral white.

From a soft yellow to bold, bright golden yellow, you can use this color to brighten up any room in the house. Yellow adds a positive energy to your home that lasts through summer and beyond. Complete your interior’s sunny outlook with a bay or bow window to bring in plenty of natural light. 

Balancing and Complementing Summer Colors

The main key to perfecting and complementing your home’s summer palette is to select the right neutral shades to match and balance the vibrancy of those bright summery colors. While some bright colors like seafoam, yellow and coral create warmth and liveliness in your home, it is important to balance these with neutral colors as a calming backdrop to really open the space, and complement your home. 

Using whites, creams and light grays really allows you to create a harmonious palette. These soft colors add balance to the overall color palette, optimizing them with a versatile backdrop for any of the main colors. Complementing those neutrals with bright shades brings a new refreshing feel you’ll appreciate in the heat of summer. 

Embrace Summer with Window World of Connecticut

 It is important for your home to feel like your personal oasis. Should you want to try something new and different for the summer, we hope you’re inspired to find the right colors for your home. Do some research and see what colors you can mix and match year-long for the right ambiance for your home.  

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