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Spring Cleaning Tips for Windows & Doors

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A new season has arrived, and as we usher in springtime, a refresh of our living spaces may be in order. Longer, warmer days bring with them the bright, clean scents of newly blossoming flowers and budding greenery—spring cleaning can bring the newness of the outside world into your home.

But while you may be prepared to dust and vacuum, it’s possible you haven’t given as much thought to freshening up your windows and doors. The good news is you probably already have everything you need to give them a bit of springtime TLC. Learn how below!

How to Clean Interior Windows

Keep the view from inside clear as can be in just a few steps that demonstrate the most care for your window glass:

  1. Wash your windows with clean, cool water mixed with a few drops of dish soap to remove surface dirt or residue. Follow up with a commercial cleaning product (like Windex) or a solution of white vinegar and water.
  2. Dry the windows with a clean, lint-free towel, newspaper pages or paper towels. Use horizontal hand motions to reduce the likelihood of streaks remaining.
  3. Repeat this process until a dirt-free, streak-free shine remains in place, and enjoy a bright new outlook on the outdoors!

How to Clean Exterior Windows

Make sure your home puts its best foot forward with clean windows for maximum curb appeal. Here’s how:

  1. Prepare your windows for deep cleaning with a quick hosing off, then apply a mixture of dish soap and cold water for an initial clean. Next, spray each pane with a solution of one part white vinegar, two parts clean water.
  2. Allow the vinegar and water solution to soak for easier removal of more stubborn exterior stains, including dirt, tree residue and bird droppings.
  3. Wipe each window down with a squeegee, or use a clean towel or paper towels to remove your cleaning solution.
  4. Remove and wet exterior screens with your vinegar and water solution, rinsing them with water and allowing them to dry before reinstalling.

How to Clean Your Window Frames, Blinds, and Curtains

Don’t forget to show your window trim and dressings some love during your spring cleaning!

  1. Start by dusting your windows and window frames. This will prevent spreading dust around your window as you clean.
  2. Clean your window frames (vinyl, fiberglass, metal, or wood) with warm soapy water. Make sure to dry them afterwards, especially if they are wood or metal. Pay special attention to touch points like the bottom of the sash and the lock. These areas tend to get extra dirty.
  3. Clean the sills by using your vacuum’s hose attachment to suck up any dust, dirt, or crumbs in the sill.
  4. If your curtains are dusty, use your vacuum’s long reach attachment to clean them, starting at the top and working your way down. Depending on the fabric, you may be able to steam clean them or even put them in the washer on the delicate setting. Check the care tag on your curtains for machine washing/drying guidance.
  5. Blinds get dusty and need to be cleaned regularly. To clean your blinds, you can use an old sock and 50/50 vinegar/water mixture. Simply put your hand in the sock, spray the cleaning solution on the sock, and run your fingers over the slats of your blind. This removes dust, dirt, and grime in one fell swoop!

Cleaning Your Interior Doors

The interior of doors can gather build-up over time with repeated touching and closing. Here’s how to refresh them:

  1. Start by removing any dust or loose dirt to avoid spreading it around as you clean. Use your vacuum’s long reach attachment to get any cobwebs at the top of your door or door frame.
  2. For most doors, water and mild dish soap will work perfectly. Use a microfiber cloth to clean them and a separate cloth to dry them afterward. Don’t forget to clean the edges of your door and your door frame! If you have wooden doors, do not use glass cleaner or acid-based cleaners like vinegar. This could damage or remove the paint or stain on your door.
  3. If your doors have scuff marks or are especially dirty at the touch points, you can use melamine foam (the material used to make Magic Erasers) to remove them.
  4. No cleaning is complete without a thorough disinfecting. Use an all-purpose cleaner or diluted bleach solution to disinfect your doorknobs.

Cleaning Your Exterior Doors

Make your entry and patio doors even more welcoming with these tips for keeping them clean:

  1. Start by removing any dust and loose dirt. This will prevent you from spreading it all over your door as you clean.
  2. Clean the door with water and gentle dish soap, then drying them with paper towels. We recommend paper towels because exterior doors can get extremely dirty, and it’s best to avoid transferring bacteria from your door to other surfaces or ruin cleaning cloths or towels.
  3. If you have a storm door, sliding glass doors, or French doors, follow our instructions for cleaning windows above in order to protect the glass.
  4. Again, use an all-purpose cleaner or diluted bleach solution to disinfect your door knob and knocker.
  5. Don’t forget your doormat! Hose off your outdoor doormat and let it dry in the sun.

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