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What You Should Know About Soundproofing Windows

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Should You Soundproof Your Windows to Reduce Noise?

From cooking dinner to watching a new show, your life should be to the beat of your own drum —not your neighbor’s new drum set. If the outside world keeps making its way into your home, your windows may not be doing enough. Read on for info on what “soundproof” actually means, what’s worth considering for your windows and potential next steps.

Can You Really Soundproof a Window?


The word “soundproof” is a bit misleading. By design, windows let things in, like light, air and sound. So while 100% noise reduction isn’t possible, there are still options to heavily cut down on it. This includes double- or triple-pane window replacements that are also cost effective and energy efficient.

The (Window World) windows are great; just the reduction of outside noise alone was worth it.

LaRhonda W.

Pros and Cons of Soundproofing Windows

Create a more relaxing environment.Can damage your windows if it’s not done correctly.
Enjoy more restful sleep.May spend time and money only for short-term or lackluster results.
Escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the city or a busy living area.Pay steep prices if you go with the wrong window replacement company.
Ensure long-term results by opting for window replacements.

How to Soundproof a Window

Depending on your sound wants and needs, you can go with more indirect fixes or one that will solve the core issue.

Secondary Solutions

Ready to do the soundproofing work yourself? Here are some DIY methods that may offer some sound relief:

Long-Term Solution

Living room

For a longer term solution, you may want to consider replacing your current windows. High-quality double or triple-pane windows, made with two-to-three pieces of glass with air between them, are best for limiting sound vibrations. Additionally, Window World windows use laminated glass, warm-edge spacers and vinyl framing for further blocking outside noises and temperatures.

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Do More With Less Sounds With Window World

While soundproofing might not equal sound-free, the right windows can still make a world of difference for your home. With Window World windows, you also have the added bonus of US-made, energy-efficient construction along with less noise pollution. Get started today with a free estimate for your home.

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