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Benefits of Opening Windows in the Winter Months

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The last thing we associate with winter is open windows. Yet while it seems counterintuitive to staying warm and energy efficient, there are real home and health benefits. Here’s our argument for opening your windows during the wintertime.

What Are the Benefits of Opening Windows During the Winter?

Since we spend more time indoors during the winter, sealed off from fresh air, we need to do what we can to make up for it. Opening windows and creating a cross-breeze, even for a few minutes a day, can have a positive effect on everything from air quality and circulation to indoor odors. Keep reading for more information on the biggest benefits.

Encourages Better Ventilation

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Your home heating system or furnace likely does not bring in fresh air. Fans can only circulate air, and air purifiers have their limits of effectiveness, too. With all the hot, stuffy air trapped in your home this season, why not provide it a way out? Give your ventilation an added boost with some fresh air and your home will feel more comfortable in no time.

Improves Air Quality

No matter where you live, your indoor air is likely more polluted than your outdoor air*. This is due to accumulations of CO2, allergens, germs, mold, chemicals and more. All of this ups your chances of getting sick, experiencing headaches and other health issues. Opening your windows can help get these contaminants out and improve your home’s air quality.

Reduces Odors

No matter how hard you clean, it can be hard to escape certain odors in the winter. Smells that stick out can easily get stuck in your home with seemingly nowhere to go. Without open windows, the odors of trash, musty rooms, laundry and more have little chance for escape. Opting for open windows can invite refreshing winter scents into your home while sending the less favorable odors out.

Does the Type of Window Matter?

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As long as your windows can open, you’ll experience the aforementioned benefits (though a bigger opening will likely help out the cross-breeze). But why stop there? Window World windows and their energy-efficient, all-weather technologies are able to keep heat in your home more effectively in the winter. This means that any energy loss from opening your windows will be even more negligible. Whether double-hung or casement, any Window World window type will provide more for your home.

Make the Most of Winter With Window World Windows 

Even just a few minutes of open windows a day can positively impact your home’s air quality, your health and more. To ensure your windows are always doing the most they can for you, just turn to Window World. Learn more and get started with your free in-home or virtual consultation.


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