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Vinyl Siding

Is It Better to Paint or Replace Vinyl Siding?

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Maybe you’ve just bought a new home. Maybe you regret a color choice you made many years before. Regardless of the reason, if you’re wanting a change for your home’s vinyl siding, you’re not alone. The choice between painting or totally replacing vinyl siding when it’s time for a color switch is one that only you can make for your home. But we’ve got some considerations outlined below that may help make the decision easier for you. 

Painting Your Vinyl Siding: Why You May Consider It

On initial inspection, simply painting over your existing siding seems like the easier choice. It looks to be more cost-effective and has a shorter turnaround time than replacing vinyl siding. That quicker gratification can be a compelling reason for choosing to paint, since having your home match your personal tastes more quickly is definitely the more appealing option! Plus, if your siding is relatively new, you may not want to take on the expense of totally replacing it before doing so becomes a need instead of a want.  

That being said, while painting may seem the quicker option, it isn’t without its negative aspects. 

The Downsides of Painting Vinyl Siding

Painting siding may void your manufacturer’s warranty. Many vinyl siding options come with great warranty options. In the event your vinyl siding needs to be replaced due to weather or an accident, you don’t want to face a voided warranty. Painting siding could do just that, leaving you with fewer, more expensive options when it comes to repairing and replacing siding in a pinch. 

Painted vinyl siding cannot be replaced. Your painted siding cannot easily be matched and replaced with new siding from your manufacturer. Should a piece of your siding become damaged, you’ll need to always remember to have your paint color at hand, making repairing damage a more complicated process than simply having it replaced. 

Painting may only prolong the inevitable. Though painting vinyl siding can refresh your home’s appearance in the short term, it does not greatly extend the durability of your siding. Vinyl’s lifetime is long, but a fresh coat of paint does not add to its lifespan by any noticeable amount. Eventually, you’ll need to replace it again. 

Your vinyl’s texture may not play well with fresh paint. One crucial reason to be careful when considering painting vinyl siding is that the siding itself may not be conducive to being painted. Some textures make adding paint a poor choice, and some siding simply won’t absorb paint at all! 

Why Replacing Vinyl Siding Makes Sense

Though replacing vinyl siding may have a more expensive upfront cost, it could pay off in the long run in terms of long-lasting durability, color-matching and ease of maintenance. Additionally, should you sell your home, brand-new vinyl siding may potentially increase your home’s resale value. It’s a win-win, even if it’s not your forever home. 

Vinyl does not fade as quickly in the sun as paint, making your new color option one you’ll be able to enjoy in the years (even decades!) to come. Plus, should some of your siding be damaged, the warranty could cover easily replacing the siding. It saves you peace of mind and potentially money down the line on repair and replacement costs! Replacement makes good sense in the long run. 

Vinyl Replacement Done by the Experts

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