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How to Paint Windows Without Painting Them Shut

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Windows Getting Stuck from Paint? 

If you’ve moved into a new-to-you home, the previous owners may have made some decisions you didn’t discover until an inspector pointed them out. One of these little decisions is painted-shut windows. While the paint may look nice, not being able to open painted-shut windows could be inconvenient, especially on days with beautiful weather or if you’ve burned that day’s dinner. 

Alternately, maybe you’re looking for a quick update to your windows, but don’t want to restrict your windows’ movement. Painting your windows is definitely one way to accomplish this, but you’ll need to be careful in the process! If you want to air out your home or just want to guarantee full use of your windows, keep reading for our suggestions on what to do. 

How to Paint Windows

Painting windows presents more challenges than painting a wall. There’s the glass to consider: you don’t want to restrict any light. Staying neat is crucial during this process. 

How to Open Painted-Shut Windows

If your windows are already painted and they’re not opening, do not use brute force to attempt to force them open. This will only result in frustration and potentially broken window parts. To unstick painted-shut windows, you’ll need some tools and the same precision you’d need to carefully paint windows in the first place. 

What Tools Are Needed

Breaking the paint seal will require some ingenuity and a few tools you’ve likely got around your home. Gather up:

How to Avoid Damaging Your Windows

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to open your painted-shut window. Start with the putty knife. Press it around the edges of the crevice where the paint is blocking openings. If this isn’t enough to break the paint seal, this is where the hammer comes in handy. Gently and slowly tap the putty knife with the hammer at the seal. You don’t need to use much force at all with your hammer taps, so don’t swing it back too far when tapping. 

If the seal doesn’t break with that, it’s time for the box cutter. Only resort to this if you see absolutely no movement with the putty knife. Use the box cutter to slice a small incision into the crevice, which you’ll then be able to work on with the putty knife. Wedge the putty knife into this incision to break the seal further. Repeat this process on every sealed side as needed—likely, this would be your bottom sill and the sides of the windows. 

Get Unstuck with Us

As demonstrated above, opening painted-shut windows is no small feat! If your windows are older and you’re looking for a fresh start, it might be time to replace your windows entirely. Our windows are expertly crafted to last while also giving your home a stylish look you’ll be proud to call your own. Get in touch with us today to get a free estimate on replacement windows for your home!

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