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How To Hang Your Holiday Decorations (Without Damaging Your Home)

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Dust off your boxes of festive decorations and prepare to deck the halls—it’s the holiday season! And while hanging lights, wreaths and other decorations can help make the season bright, they can also cause potential damage to your home’s windows and doors. To protect your home’s exterior from holiday havoc, follow the tips below: 

1. Hang Window Decorations with Hooks on Suction Cups

Reusable suction cups with hooks are a great way to suspend wreaths, bows and other exterior decorations on your windows without scratching the glass. Apply the suction cups to clean, dry windows for a secure hold. Some decorations may fit directly within the hook, while others may need wire or ribbon to hang the decorations from the hook. When January rolls around, you can remove the suction cups, give them a rinse with warm water, and store them to use again the following year.

home exterior beautifully decorated for the holidays

2. Use Hot Glue to Attach Garlands or Lights to Windows or Siding

Hot glue is easy to apply and easy to remove at the end of the holiday season. It works especially well on glass, making it a risk-free option for attaching garlands or lights to windows. Press the garland or light strand into the glue while it’s still tacky, but be sure to protect your fingertips from glue burns by wearing work gloves. When you’re ready to take your decorations down, simply peel the glue from the glass.

holiday lights

3. Try Fishing Line Instead of Over-The-Door Hooks 

Fishing line offers an alternative to over-the-door hooks or hangers that can scuff or scratch door paint. The line’s ability to hold a significant amount of weight means you can hang an elaborate wreath on your front door without load-bearing, invasive hardware. Create loops at each end of the flexible fishing line that will act as hooks for attaching to an exterior surface on one end and hanging a decoration on the other. 

holiday decorations being prepared

4. Avoid Drilling Into Siding With Self-Adhesive Hooks

Self-adhesive hooks can be used to line your home’s exterior with holiday lights without drilling. They’re an affordable way to decorate your home without lasting damage, as they can hold varying weights depending on size and be removed after the holidays without leaving behind a hole. However, they’re also durable enough to last year-round if you prefer to avoid hanging them anew each year. 

hanging a Christmas wreath

5. Explore In-Window Adhesive Decorations

Many holiday decorations can be applied directly to the window itself. Your local craft store will likely have stick-on decorations like snowflakes or holiday characters that can be adhered to the interior side of the window and peeled off at the season’s end. These decorations are best applied to clean, dry windows and should not leave residue behind. They’re also a safe and fun way to get younger family members involved in holiday decorating!

holiday window decorations

Get Windows Worth Protecting This Holiday Season

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