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Exterior Door Color Ideas: Design Inspiration and Find Your Color Quiz

5 min read

Your front door may be one of the most functional parts of your home’s exterior, but it’s also a great way to show your style!

Not sure which door color is right for your home? We’re here to help! Here are seven exterior door colors from our line of energy-efficient doors, along with a few questions to help you narrow down your choices!

Never Paint Again

Hate painting? Us, too. Our entry doors are made of strong fiberglass with the color manufactured right in. It’ll never chip, peel, or warp, making it perfect for those of us who need a beautiful, low-maintenance door.

Front Door Color Ideas

Gather some inspiration with just a few of our exterior door color options:

Hunter Green

Green symbolizes abundance and luck, perfect for welcoming visitors to your home! Hunter green is a deep, rich color that looks beautiful with lighter colored home exteriors like white, tan, or even light gray.  

white house with dark green door

Stillwater Blue 

Light blue, like our Stillwater Blue, evokes a sense of calm. What could be better for your entryway? When paired with a light-colored exterior, a light blue front door creates a light & airy feeling. With a darker-colored exterior, the contrast is striking, but not jarring.

white house with blue front door

Valli Red

Red is a popular front door color, and for good reason! Red represents energy and a red entry door looks beautiful with almost any color of home exterior. Our Valli Red is a shade of red that’s not too bright or bold, which is perfect for homeowners who want a classic red front door.

white house with red entry door


Purple, especially dark purple, was once the color of royalty and still has regal connotations. It also represents creativity, making it a wonderfully unique front door color! Eggplant looks best with white, light gray, or even brick home exteriors.

white house with dark purple door


White is the color of cleanliness, which is the perfect way to welcome people to your home! A white front door is also elegant and classic, especially with brick exteriors or gray siding. On a white home, it creates a chic monochromatic look.

white house with white front door

Medium Brown

Brown is a cozy color, especially when it comes to your home. Representative of hearth & home, our Medium Brown is the perfect brown for your front door. Not too dark, it’s just welcoming and warm.

white house with brown front door


When it comes to your home’s exterior, black accents are elegant and sophisticated. A black entry door provides maximum contrast for homes with lighter exteriors, and is a gorgeous complement to homes with darker exteriors.

white house with black entry door

Not sure which color to choose for your home? Take this short quiz to find your perfect front door color!

What Color Should I Paint My Front Door?

Question 1
How would friends and family describe visiting your home?
Like visiting mom’s house: cozy and I always have something cooking
Like a little getaway: my house is a calming oasis
Like opening a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get!
Question 2
What is your interior design style?
Light and airy
Bold and eclectic
Question 3
Where is your favorite place to spend time at home?
The kitchen or living room
In the yard or on the porch
In my hobby room or my kids’ playroom
Question 4
What color is your home’s exterior?
Tan or off-white
Brick or dark blue
White, gray, or light blue
Get My Result
Your Results
Q1: 🙁
Q2: 🙁
Q3: 🙁
Q4: 🙁

If you selected mostly As, then a medium brown door would be perfect for you!

If you selected mostly Bs, then your home would look best with a blue, white, or black door!

If you selected mostly Cs, try an eggplant, red, or hunter green door!


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