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Energy Efficiency Replacement Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows for Summer

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Summer means lots of sunny weather and, for a good part of the country, cranking up the air conditioning to deal with the heat. With that increase in AC usage comes a corresponding rise in energy bills. Beating the heat is important, but higher energy bills may encourage homeowners to search for creative solutions to lower costs. The answer to lower energy bills may be simpler than you’d think. Upgrading your windows to energy-efficient models could help combat higher energy costs without compromising on your home’s comfort. 

How Do They Work? 

What differentiates a window made with energy efficiency in mind? Virtually every element of the window’s construction revolves around insulating your home from the outdoors, ultimately protecting your home from the elements and temperature changes. 

We use Low-E glass in all our windows. This glass is engineered to reduce the amount of UV rays that make it through window panes, keeping outside temperatures from interfering with your HVAC unit’s hard work via solar heat gain. This glass alone can help increase your window’s energy performance by up to 24%.

Window spacers are metal or plastic pieces that serve to support and separate glass panes in double- or triple-paned windows. Since metal is much more conductive than plastic, our spacer systems use no metal in their construction, ensuring the glass edge is more insulated against energy loss. Our spacers are up to 88% more energy-efficient than metal spacers!

Other window elements that play a role in energy efficiency include our segmented vinyl framing, which prevents unwanted weather from getting inside your home, and our double-paned window design filled with argon gas between the panes. Argon gas increases your window’s energy efficiency by an additional 6% and helps keep your glass temperature cooler. 

Types of Energy-Efficient Windows

Let’s go over some of our most popular window designs and how energy efficiency comes into play with each one. 

Double-Hung Windows

double hung window

The traditional design of double-hung windows makes them a popular choice for homeowners. Double-hung windows are also notable for their insulation. While you can easily unlock the latches and push the window up for ventilation during comparatively cooler summer mornings, its double-paned design keeps heat out when the window is closed. 

Sliding Windows

sliding window

Sliding windows bring natural light front and center into your home in a low-maintenance design package. Ours also bring our expertise, meaning they provide UV protection when closed. All the benefits of sunshine are yours without the accumulated heat gain over time. 

Casement Windows

casement window

Casement windows up your home’s uniqueness, bringing an intriguing element of visual interest to your home. Unlike many window designs, they completely open out to the elements, allowing you to easily enjoy the summer even while indoors. Don’t worry, though. These large windows won’t lead to more expensive energy bills! 

Catch Some Rays This Summer with Us

Enjoy every sunbeam coming through your windows without worrying about how much the accumulated heat could affect your home’s comfort. Energy efficiency is top-of-mind for us during the design and engineering process for our windows, and it shows in every replacement window we install. Ready to make the most of your summer right from your home? Get in touch with us for a free estimate on replacement windows today. 

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