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Why Are Energy Efficient Windows Better in Severe Weather?

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Spring may be just around the corner, but it doesn’t always feel like it here in the Nutmeg state. With temperatures still in the twenties, we still have several weeks of winter left. And unfortunately, those cooler temperatures aren’t always confined to the great outdoors.

energy star logoWhen outside is harsh and frigid, it becomes even more difficult to keep unwanted temperature changes from occurring in your home. Outdoor air can creep into your home through cracks in doors, chimneys, garages and windows. Because windows are mostly made up of glass, those that don’t have supreme insulation may not keep cold or hot air from entering your home. However, with energy efficient windows, extra insulation protects your home from unwanted changes in temperature. Learn more below.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows 

When your glass is working twice as hard to keep your home’s air in, and outside air out, it may help save money on energy bills over time. Though there are many benefits of installing high-energy efficient windows in your home, we have listed out just a quick summary of why these windows are great.

Energy Efficient WindowsAdding Low-E glass to a standard insulated glass unit can improve the year-round energy performance of your window by 24%. Again, we believe that the benefits of using energy efficient windows are truly endless. Want to know more? Read all about Low-E glass here or call Window World of Connecticut today! We will help answer any questions you may have and get you started if you are ready to install energy efficient windows in your home.

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