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Are You a New Connecticut Homeowner?

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Learn Some Tips and Tricks from Window World

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Buying a home is an exciting milestone  in a person’s life. However, if you’ve just bought a house that may need some fixing up, you may be feeling a bit lost. No need to worry, though, Window World of Connecticut is here to offer guidance to residents who just don’t know where to begin!

We know that you want your home to be fully functional and updated, which is why we recommend our replacement products to provide an up-to-date look, at an affordable price. However, we also recommend not stopping at windows, doors and siding. There are other factors to check in your new home, whether it was just built or has been standing for several years. Use this guide to make the most out of your new place!

Factors to Check in Your New or Existing Home

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Fix a Leaky Faucet. The constant drip of a leaky faucet can drive you crazy, and cause your water bill to increase. You can actually fix this problem at home. Use these step by step instructions from This Old House to get your faucet back on track. If you don’t want to bother fixing it yourself, call a local Connecticut plumber.

Replace the Windows. When working with a fixer-upper, homeowners need to be aware of the importance of a properly insulated window. If the original windows have cracks in the glass and the mainframe has holes or gaps, it could be letting in unwanted air and bugs. See our insulated window options here, that are constructed with thick glass to last for years.

Check the Door. Similar to windows, if a door has holes or cracks in its structure, it could be letting in unwanted elements. If there is a flaw in the door’s insulation, you need to repair it or get a replacement door as soon as possible. Our doors are quality constructed to be beautiful and durable. View our replacement door options here.

Replacement Vinyl Patio Door

Call Before You Dig. It’s crucial to remember that there are important wires underground. If you have plans to be digging in your yard, call 811 to alert the proper professionals in your area. They’ll send out someone to check the area you’re digging and make sure there aren’t any power lines underneath that could cause serious problems.

Evaluate the Structure of Your Home. The condition of your foundation and exterior material is essential to the safety and structural integrity of your home. Make sure that foundation is intact and check that your wood paneling or vinyl siding is up to par. Vinyl siding can play a big role in the comfortability and safety of your home. If yours needs replacing, Window World has a variety of vinyl siding options to meet your needs!

Look For Termites. Look for places in the house with exposed wood. Termites are not easily seen or heard, so checking these areas for raised, vein-like tubes is essential. How do you know what termites look like? These critters are light yellow and busy tunneling their way through your interior. At the first sight of these bugs, call a local exterminator to take care of the problem.

Of course, each home will have different needs, but these are a few of the first things you should start with when moving in.

In the process of the nitty-gritty structural work, don’t forget to add personal touches. What about a chalkboard in the kitchen highlighting “what’s for dinner” or bright patterned wallpaper for the bathroom? The beauty of owning your own home is that it’s yours. You get to decide what looks good where.

Window World of Connecticut is Here to Help!

We know home projects can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why Window World of Connecticut is here to answer your questions. Our replacement doors, windows, and siding are built to last, and to give you the most for your money. Schedule your free in-home or virtual estimate today!

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