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9 Tips for Going Green in Your Connecticut Home

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Energy Efficient WindowsWhen going green, it’s best to start with where you are. We here at Window World of Connecticut suggest starting in your very own home. To that end, we’ve come up with a few tips to help homeowners both save money and go green.

1. Replace your lightbulbs. Not only do incandescent bulbs hurt the plant, they also hurt your wallet. An incandescent bulb will cost you around $8 a year in energy costs, while a fluorescent light will cost you only $1. To go green in your home, replace old incandescent with fluorescent bulbs.

2. Adjust your thermostat. On average, your heating and air conditioning take up more than half of your home’s energy consumption. To cut down on this. Just a few degrees and make a huge difference, for your energy bill and for the planet.

3. Install energy efficient windows. We spend a lot of money on insulation so that during the summer we can keep the heat out, and during the winter we keep it in. But we often forget about our windows. Luckily, energy efficient windows are designed to adjust to the weather to keep your home just the temperature you want, while at the same time cutting your energy bill.

4. Replace old siding to reduce energy expenditure. Like non-energy efficient windows, old siding can have a detrimental effect on your home’s insulation. New siding will cut back on your losses, and add value to your home in the process.

5. Shade your HVACs. Shading your air conditioner will ease it’s load during the summer months. Direct sunlight will heat your HVAC unit, requiring it to use much more energy to cool itself and your air. Try building a fence around, or, even better for going green, planting a tree nearby to shade it.

6. Avoid False Temperature Readings. Many household appliances and electronics produce heat of their own. If one of these is near your thermostat, it may throw off the reading, causing your AC to run more than it needs to. If possible, relocate these heat producing items so your thermostat can get a more accurate reading.

7. Recycle. This may sound trite, but recycling materials is one of the most important ways to go green. A simple way to start recycling is to have a secondary bin next to the trash can in your kitchen for recyclables. It’s a simple, convenient way to help the environment.

8. Use power strips. Power strips are design to protect your electronics, and limit energy leakage through your outlets. This can save you a headache in the event of a power surge, and it can also help your home become more green.

9. Keep your fridge full. By keeping your fridge full, you reduce the amount of cold that can escape through the air when you open the door. Continually cooling large amounts of warm air that enters your fridge requires it to crank up the energy usage, cost both you and the planet.

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