Product Spotlight: Bay & Bow Windows

June 16th, 2014


Installing Bay & Bow Windows in Your Connecticut Home

Here at Window World of Connecticut, we believe there are few things that beat a great view. Whether the view from your windows provides you with sweeping images of the metropolitan Hartford skyline, relaxing views of the Long Island sound from New Haven or simply a peek at your backyard garden, a good view can make a big difference in your home.

Changing Your View with Bay & Bow Windows


Bay & Bow windows are a perfect choice for the homeowner who wants to extend his/her view. Not only are they a beautiful option when it comes to adding a little bit of pizazz to your home, but they can also bring added sunlight and warmth into any room. The three-dimensional design of this particular window style provides more real estate for glass, and allows for additional natural light to make its way into a room.

Bay & Bow windows often include 3-5 panels to allow for more sunlight to seep into your home, and widen your view. Consider the difference between viewing a piece of art in portrait style, versus viewing a landscape piece. The landscape view is often wider and allows for more depth in the picture. That’s the same effect that a bay & bow window holds in your home.

Why Install Bay & Bow Windows in My Home?

There are many benefits to installing bay & bow windows in your Connecticut home. Just a few of them, include:

  • Increased sunlight thanks to more glass area. The increased natural light brings an element of warmth into your home, and opens it to the wonders of nature.
  • A unique element of design. Bay & bow windows are a perfect opportunity to add a window seat, or any other fun, exciting design features to your windows. Additionally, bay & bow windows themselves are unique and can increase the property value of your home.
  • Energy efficiency. Just like other window styles from Window World of Connecticut, bay & bow windows are highly energy efficient and feature tempered argon-filled glass and an airtight and leak-proof design, to open your home to nature, without the negative effects of unwanted temperature changes.
  • Extended views. Do you have a gorgeous view from your home? Enjoy it as much as possible by widening your vision with a bay & bow window.

Are you ready to experience the sweeping views and natural sunlight that a bay & bow window can bring to your Connecticut home? Call on the experts at Window World of Connecticut today to learn more about installing bay & bow windows, or any other window styles, in your home! Or request a free in-home estimate, here.

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